My Personal Training and its Effectiveness

I have had a few training experiences in the time I have worked for my family’s business. One of them that I found to be highly beneficial was when I got forklift certified. This class was taught by my supervisor at the company, and it was very effective. The reason why it was very effective was because of how quick and efficient it was taught. There was a 2 hour long lecture that taught the basics of forklifts, safety precautions, and much more. Then we had to take a test to make sure we knew all the basics about operating a forklift. After that, we were overseen driving a forklift through a mini course to help us get accommodated with the vehicle. This training also helps to mitigate risk of employer liability. Overall, I found this training beneficial due to how efficiently it was taught and how proficient it was expressed.

As for a training I did not find beneficial was learning how to be a spotter at the transfer stations of our company. The transfer stations are where customers dump their recycling and/or garbage. In this process of learning, I had to learn through multiple people and was mostly just thrown into the position to figure it out. This felt very chaotic and frustrating as it was difficult to learn without a proper training program in place. It took a few weeks before I really got the hang of being to spot in the company. One way I believe they could improve on this would be to implement a training program that has one supervisor help them for a couple of days to get used to spotting in the transfer station areas. The importance of this training would impact employee performance heavily.