How these 3 companies use HR

The way these companies, Hilton, Stryker, and American Express, practice HR is through ethical business practices, working with teams, and through acknowledging family. They make their business through hospitality to not only their employees, but to the customers they serve as well. The other ways that they also practice their HR are through the company’s culture, benefits of the employees/customers, and opportunities at hand for everyone.

The type of manager I would like to be would be a leader who not only does hard-work, but also has a passion and intuition to treat employees/customers in a fashion that is compelling and enthusiastic to create not only retention, but a workplace that is safe and fun to be in. The role that I think the HR functions and activities discussed in the lectures and readings will play in me being that type of manager are things such as creating a good measuring stick, having good workforce planning, compensation and rewards, and managing the ethics of the business in general, Through these, I can be a sound manager and be seen as trustworthy.

The aspects of a manager’s job that are most likely to be challenging are time management, communication, delegating tasks, making difficult decisions, and managing and motivating diverse teams. All of these things, I imagine, are not easy tasks to get done in a management role. Delegation in itself is a tough task to deal with, and how you delegate can interpret to some what kind of manager/leader you are. Overall, being a manager requires a wide range of skills, and the ability to manage people and tasks effectively can be particularly challenging.