Workplace health and safety issues

After completing the “Take the Life Stress Inventory”, “Coping and Stress Management Skills Test”, and “Type A Personality Survey”, I discovered that I have a pretty good way of taking care of my own stress and not many things in my life are currently making me susceptible to most forms of stress. I am usually good about coping with my own stress through finding outlets to help me out (like running or playing video games), understanding information about why I am feeling stressed, developing a strategy to help myself cope with that stress, and setting goals to improve the situation at hand. Some steps I could take to help me progress through my professional career to hemp me manage stress could be to take time out my days to meditate, go for runs, or simply talking to others about my life and such. This personally will help me a lot as I cope with stress by either running it off or by socially expressing it to some of my friends who may be able to help me strategize and figure out the situation. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee well-being and are implementing various initiatives to help employees manage their health and cope with stress. Some of the common strategies and programs adopted by organizations include EAPs (Employee assistance programs), Wellness programs, Health Promotion Initiatives, and Stress Management Training. All of these options and programs are beneficial to many organizations around the world, and allow all employees to be helped with stress from work or life in general.