Experience in Interviews I have participated in

Over the course of my work experience, I have only ever participated in one work interview, which was with my family business. For this interview, it was for a general laborer position when I was in high school. Since, I have been working for the company for 5 years and obtained a management internship position last summer. What made my interview most effective in my opinion was connections. I have been with the business my whole life, and know a lot of people inside of the business and outside of it. With these connections, I was able to have high knowledge in not only the industry, but have reliability, validity, and utility. This interview as well was mostly an unstructured interview, as my dad, the CEO, found that the best way to interview myself.

When it came to validity, the job performance was a big part of how I would prove if I was fit for the job. Through their job analysis, I was able to pass through that with ease. As I said before, I have known the business since a young age, so performing the job and tasks at hand was not hard for me to learn. This increased my validity with the company. When it comes to reliability, which is the consistency and dependability of a performance measure, all the tasks I was handed to do I got done in a neat and professional manner. This made me a reliable worker in their eyes. I also communicated effectively with my supervisor if I needed help with anything, which made them think I was more reliable as a worker due to the fact I was willing to communicate. Lastly, when it came to utility, there were not many other candidates that were as qualified as I, as it was an entry-level position in which I have had a lot of experience in. They found my time and worth a feasible and reliable option to the company. Having connections helped with this, but they needed more than just connections to know if I was reliable, valid, and a great utility to the company.

If there was a way to improve the effectiveness of the interviews on the employers side, I would tell them that they should focus on communication a bit more. The position I had been working requires a lot of communicative tasks, and some of the candidates/employees were not the greatest at getting things off in an effective manner. They may have done well in utility and performance, but communication was a bit rough. If communication was tested more in the interviews, I believe that company performance as a whole would be improved.