The Importance of Compensation

A situation where I was motivated to take one job over another was recently when I signed an offer letter choosing to work for Goodfellow Bros. I was in a situation where I had 3 different offers from 3 different companies but I chose to work for the company not only because their compensation was higher but also because of the opportunities they had for me to work back in Hawaii where I am from. The other two companies did not have that kind of opportunity for me and their compensation packages were nowhere close to what Goodfellow Bros had offered me. To begin with, Goodfellow Bros had offered a higher base salary than the other two companies by a good amount. To add to that, they also had better benefits where they offered a profit sharing program which was a certain percentage of the salary in addition to what I would contribute to my 401k. In addition to that, since I am going into the construction industry and there is a lot of traveling between different job sites, Goodfellow bros had also included a vehicle allowance that I get every month along with a gas card that the other two companies did not offer. That was a big factor that helped me make my decision on which job offer I wanted to accept. The compensation package helped me make my decision to accept that job offer because it would allow me to live more comfortably along with giving me the opportunity to move back home in the future if I decided to. Overall, compensation can be a huge factor when making decisions on whether or not to work for certain companies which is why it is important for employers to have competitive compensation packages.