Week 1 Blog

It seems Hilton has a policy that prioritizes its employees as their competitive strategy and the policy is well organized within the company. This shows that their strategic HRM aligns with its HR policies and practices (W1 Lecture 2 – Strategic HR Management). Employees in Hilton say that they feel the company cares about their employees just as much as their families. 99% of employees feel they are welcomed when joining the company and 97% of employees say management is approachable and easy to talk with. If I am a HR manager of Hilton, I would like to support its policy to its employees and I would feel a sense of achievement by making employees happy. At the same time, I believe that it would be challenging for HR managers in Hilton to keep satisfying its employees because many companies are having trouble with it.

Cisco is an information technology company headquartered in San Jose, California and employees say that they are given complete autonomy of their tasks and have a strong support system. It can be assumed that the company’s organizational strategy is to be innovative and focusing on R&D. It seems their selected HR practices based on its organizational strategy is to support and give complete autonomy to its employees to achieve its organizational strategy and it worked pretty well (W1 Lecture 2 – Strategic HR Management). HR managers of Cisco would feel it worthwhile to see its employees’ high performance due to their complete autonomy and support, but at the same time, they should make an effort to keep supporting its employees which could be a challenging part.

David Weekley Homes is a construction company and employees mention that they are regularly being asked by its management not only what they can do to improve their work environment but also their personal lives. This shows how the management cares about their employees and they recently improved more on its financial planning for employees. It seems the company has a well established benefit package for their employees as its HR policy. As a HR manager of the company, he or she should strive to listen to its employee’s needs and requests since the management prioritizes its employees which could be a challenge for HR managers.

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