Interview Experience

My Interview Experience

A couple months ago, I interviewed for a company called Goodfellow Bros. which is a heavy civil construction company based in Wenatchee, Washington with offices here in Oregon, Hawaii, and California. I thought that the interview was very effective because it felt more like a conversation than a formal interview. First, the interview was held at their main offices conference room with the regional manager of the company. It started off with the manager asking about my background in construction and what experiences I have had in the past with working in construction. Those questions were then followed by what sparked my interest in construction and what made me interested in wanting to go to school for construction engineering management.

After completing the interview, I felt like it was very effective because I felt that I learned a lot about the company and its values. After the interview with the regional manager, he then took me out to several job sites that the company is on and introduced me to some of the team members where I got to meet and talk to them about their experience with the company. By talking to employees of the company and asking them about their experience of working there and what they thought of the company reassured me that this was a good company to work for. A lot of the employees really enjoyed working for Goodfellow Bros. because the culture was really fun and they were well compensated for their work.

After I met some of the employees of the company, the regional manager then took me out to get lunch where he then educated me on the company’s benefit packages and more about what my roles as a project engineer would be if I worked for them. We also got to connect as individuals where it was not just about work which made me feel that this company has really good people who not only want to get the job done but also be part of a work family. I would say that their interview was very effective because I did end up signing with Goodfellow Bros. for a full time job upon graduation.