MGMT 453 Week 1 Blog

The three companies in the 2020 Fortune Best Companies to Work For that I chose to analyze and reflect upon are Camden Property Trust, Veterans United Home Loans, and Kimley-Horn (Great Place To Work® Institute). The main focus of these companies includes good benefits, flexible work schedules, trust in employees, intrinsic motivation of workers, and a family-feel culture (Great Place To Work® Institute). The focus on these items shows how these companies practice HR. A more relaxed work schedule and family-feel culture allow employees to be more focused when it comes to performing work due to the feeling of fair treatment and personal value that come with the cultural values and employee expectations (Myers 2024). Additionally, the freedom and trust in employees create an environment that encourages employees to reciprocate trust and freedom to their peers (Myers 2024). Freedom, flexibility, and trust are not the only HR cultural strategies and values to adopt, but they have statistically been proven to work for these companies through employee reviews and satisfaction (Great Place To Work® Institute, Myers 2024). 

Personally, I think that I would like to be an HR Specialist because it involves honing in on a specific area of HR (Myers 2024). I enjoy focusing on one skill or area of work and trying to become good at that one thing. As an HR Specialist, I would be able to achieve this. Some of the difficulties I think that would come with being a manager might include putting oneself in the shoes of employees one is managing, not micromanaging employees, and providing respectful feedback to employees when they mess something up. These difficulties may not be the same as those of others, but I tend to be a perfectionist and like things done in a specific way. 


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