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When looking into a few businesses HR strategies and practices, mainly Intuit, the Cheesecake Factory, and CarMax, it became apparent that what their employees valued in them differed on a case-by-case basis. Intuit employees made it clear that the laid-back culture of the company was important to them. This was a good example of how the culture of a company was affecting employees as discussed in the Importance of HR Management lecture. This was contrasted by the interest in flexibility described by workers at CarMax and the description that the Cheesecake Factory does its best to show it really cares about its people. More than anything these differing reports from employees show that there is no one universal, all-encompassing way to provide good HR support, even if there are still common threads that tie one great HR strategy to another.

That being said, at the individual level any good manager will wonder about whether they are doing things the right way. Personally, I always wanted to be the sort of manager that was simultaneously approachable and effective at implementing the organization’s goals or objectives, just as it was discussed in the Strategic HR Management lecture this week. One of the most common issues you read about surrounding managers is that their employees feel like they can never mention any of the issues they are facing, whether they be work related, personal issues, or even issues with the manager. This often spirals into that employee leaving and the manager being none-the-wiser as to why. As a manager, I would want the people working under me to know that they can share whatever is bothering them with me and that I would do my best to help them.

Unfortunately, I believe getting people to trust you enough in order to be willing to share such issues is one of the harder things a manager will face. This may be doubly so if the organization’s culture is misaligned with the managers personal leadership philosophy. Strong and happy businesses need to see that their goals and practices are being followed and shared at all levels, and as a manager it may be one of the hardest challenges you may have to overcome if you do not personally believe in the mission but are expected to guide others along the path.

Importance of HR Management – Week 1
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