Week 10 International Assignment

While researching Saudi Arabia for a hypothetical future assignment, I found that there’s a lot of differences between there and the United States. Using Hofstede’s comparison tool I started with comparing PDI (power distance index), noticing that the Saudi’s scored a 95 compared to the American’s 40. This means that they accept and promote a… Continue reading Week 10 International Assignment

Week 9; Stress Management

Working a high-stress and demanding job for the past two years has really brought me around to understanding the important role employee health interacts with job performance and company results. Especially in the healthcare community, many entry-level/frontline positions are overworked, underpaid, and constantly suffering from burnout similar to that seen in the labor sector (lumbar… Continue reading Week 9; Stress Management

Week 8, Compensation

At my current place of work, all managers above/including assistant managers are salaried. As the staffing shortage in the labor market began to get increasingly worse we saw many managers begin to work “overtime” and well over an average of 40 hours per week simply because of demand. This began to create a scenario similar… Continue reading Week 8, Compensation

Week 6 Post

When I first accepted a management position I was extremely worried that I wouldn’t be able to have the correct training to fill the position effectively. After talking to the HR department and exploring some tools they offer I was able to find online modules in a platform called Relias that walked me through specific… Continue reading Week 6 Post

Week 5 Post

Hiring is one of the largest struggles of being in a management role in my career so far. I was never good at public speaking or anything related to it, got nervous very easily, and even had poor performance when it came to previous interviews I did before my current position. However, being on the… Continue reading Week 5 Post

Week 4 Post

Challenges that come up with refreshing and creating job descriptions can be daunting, leading to higher turnover, staffing issues, and even lawsuits in more extreme cases. From my experience, the first step to approaching the task is to change how you view the document, turning it into a “living” document and even a tool in… Continue reading Week 4 Post

Week 1 Post

When I looked at the list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” list from Fortune 100 I was not surprised to see some very popular employers on there. CIsco, Inuit, and Hilton just to name a few. Perhaps what surprised me the most was how different these companies are in practice, but similar in… Continue reading Week 1 Post

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