Week 6 Post

When I first accepted a management position I was extremely worried that I wouldn’t be able to have the correct training to fill the position effectively. After talking to the HR department and exploring some tools they offer I was able to find online modules in a platform called Relias that walked me through specific scenarios that are common in my career field. Through this platform, I took a course that was focused on employee-employer relationships and how to handle corrective actions (one of my largest struggles in the position). It ran me through available literature and simulation practice scenarios, much like the Walmart academy does to its managers in training. This was what made the class so effective in my case, having hands-on learning (the simulation) to practice techniques in real time.

However, not everything on the Relias platform is as effective, one of the classes that I took was to help employees understand the ways that dementia impacts a patient/resident. This is something that will play a role in anyone’s position at a nursing facility. However, when taking the course it is simply a long presentation with a great amount of reading. Little engagement with the learner and no benchmarking is what makes this training so ineffective. In order for this module to be more effective, it should model the earlier mentioned one. Taking the aspects from the “Walmart academy”, lectures from this week, and the points made in FBATR this module could have had more of an impact on employee learning and ultimately, patient care.


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  3. Week 6 Lectures
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