Week 4 Post

Challenges that come up with refreshing and creating job descriptions can be daunting, leading to higher turnover, staffing issues, and even lawsuits in more extreme cases. From my experience, the first step to approaching the task is to change how you view the document, turning it into a “living” document and even a tool in your recruiting efforts to find successful candidates is a great way to engage yourself at the start of the process (according to the society for human resource management). The job description you will be writing will come in handy if there is a lawsuit against your firm, making sure it is accurate is vital. I have found that checking descriptions each time I am looking to hire for a position is the best way to stay on top of keeping them current. Usually, I will go over the job description with a few staff members that are successful in my eyes. They have the best “pulse” on what is needed for the job and what they feel is best practices in the position. This can be in the form of reviewing “critical incidents” with them in order to determine what applicants might need to possess in order to be successful. This comes in handy when an applicant is in the interview process, being able to ask them “what would you do in X situation?” and analyzing their response to what the current incumbents described is a great data point to keep track of (Week 4 lecture #1). Being a hiring manager is a big deal, choosing the correct candidates for positions and lining them up with training is a hefty task. The job description is an often overlooked tool, but being able to be dynamic and use it to your advantage can aid the manager in picking the right candidates and delivering successful employees to the organization.


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