Week 1 Post

When I looked at the list of 100 Best Companies to Work For” list from Fortune 100 I was not surprised to see some very popular employers on there. CIsco, Inuit, and Hilton just to name a few. Perhaps what surprised me the most was how different these companies are in practice, but similar in Human Resource management they are, leading them to be listed among the top 25 on that list.

Over 90% (across all mentioned companies) of employees felt as though they were being valued when they first joined the team. Initial relationships, first impressions, are crucial in developing successful business relationships between employee teams and management teams. This is something that I think contributes to the overall morale and performance of a company and has maintained itself as an effect that I want to have on my current and future employees.

That being a large goal of mine will also be among the hardest of challenges of being in a future management role. Being in charge of fostering and coordinating an environment that is inclusive, productive, and translates perceived value equally is a lofty task when I look at it from a macro perspective. In reality, I hope it can be solved from micro-actions as the team I manage will grow. Developing a leadership style that creates such an environment and is dynamic enough for the changing context of human resource management will be the ultimate goal of mine as a manager that will hopefully get my company to the same caliber that the ones of the Fortune 100’s list are at.

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