My compensation – MGMT WK 7

Throughout my various jobs I have slowly began to understand the relationship between my work and the pay that I received. For my first couple of jobs I had the mindset of always being as helpful as possible and staying quiet and accept more work that would be passed down on to me. Looking back at it, I would not necessarily say that was a bad thing, but as I progress in school and develop leadership skills, I have changed my mind set when it comes to working at an entry level mediocre job. The latest example would be working at the Memorial Union as an event specialist, event manager and set up crew. The type of work there varies from low level up to managing large technical events, which I do all for the same pay rate. Going into my second year working at the MU most of my colleagues would agree that those of us who take on all these roles should be compensated more than those who are just starting here in the Fall. Our mindsets here are based on two principles, the more responsibilities should mean an increase in pay and secondly, we now have the experience for the job, and our seniority adds value to the institution. For some aspects of the job, I think my motivation to think like this comes from the type of work we are doing. We sometimes must move large pieces of furniture and set up large scale events and that takes a toll on the body. We might be young and not think much of it, but a small sprain could, and will lead to long term aches and pains. Therefore, for me the lack of benefits and pay do not outweigh the hardship of the job.

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