MGMT 453 WK 4 -Hector N.

As someone who has been on both sides of the interviewing table I believe there has been times when the interviewee does not always come in knowing what the job is really like due to the job description. We need to know that the job description is a crucial part to attracting the right type of people. A well-defined job description will not only outline the duties of the job, but is also a time to share the company’s values and goals you expect the person to come in with. Not only are candidates interested in the job, but also for whom they might be working for. The job description could include simple answer to what does the company do? How old is it? How many employees are there? Where does it operate? And what are its main products and services? Does it comply with quality management standards? What I mean by this is to what a company does to make sure it produces and delivers goods at the appropriate cost. Another aspect to what companies should be doing with their descriptions is that they should be constantly updating what the job entitles to. This is because a company should always be improving and finding ways to make things more efficient and a reevaluation of job duties every couple of years should be crucial. With all my internships and jobs that I have taken on over the years I sometimes find myself looking back at this job description and find that I was not always the most qualified person. Companies should have a realistic understanding of what they should be looking for in an employee. And from someone who is always looking to improve and move up the chain in the job world, you should keep in mind that if you check off all the boxes of a job description then you are not perfect for that job. You should always find a challenge and keep trying to perfect your craft. I don’t think there is a perfect job description out there but by precisely outlining job requirements this will make it easier for the employee to understand your company and reflect on the potential growth someone can obtain.

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