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As I looked over the top best companies to work for I found a similarity amongst what the employees had to say. I figure I would browse through the list and find statements that would align with what I want out of a company and ones where people brought up some things that I may not not considered.

For T-Mobile they seem to push the idea that their employees are to be trusted to do the right thing, which therefore empowers the employee to care more about their job. This is important because when you have employees who feel valued at work they tend to put more effort towards the company and you get employees who will share the same passion the company strives for. At this company diversity is also a key component as well because having a workplace where you feel welcome not only for the employee but for you as the consumer who want to go shop at a place they can relate to.  

American Express really stood out to me, their employees had such an impactful statement about their company since they value a good work life balance. As I get older I am starting to think about my future with my partner and what that means when we decide to start a family. When a company truly values and cares for family their actions speak louder than their words. I was very pleased to hear about their maternity leave for not only the birthing parent but also the no-birthing parent.

For the Hilcorp Energy Company the type of vibe I got from it was tailored for those who enjoy working hard and get compensated well the work they do. For the most part this privately owned oil and natural gas producer seems to take what seems like a traditional approach to management. The employees are pleased to work for a company who rewards them by bonuses and having a buy in option. This means that as the employee works more they get the option to own a part of the company  which give the employee a sense of pride and more incentive to do a good job this place.

I will soon find myself in a managerial position, or at least that is what I tell myself to keep me motivated while I am still in school. But I see myself as someone who leads by example but is not afraid to speak up and call you out. Through my internship I am not only hoping to gain knowledge in my field but also good people management, I think having good soft skills and knowing how to keep a team motivated is an important trait to have as a construction project manager.

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