Personality and Stress

After taking the life stress test, coping and stress management skills test, and type A personality test, I got the results and was not surprised with it. From the type A personality test, I got a 43 on it and the description of it said that my interactions with others are characterized by warmth and tolerance but at times can be tinged with impatience. This did not surprise me at all because I am always nice to people until they give me a reason to get irritated or mad at them. For the coping and stress management skills test, I got a 57 on it and it said that my results indicated that I use problem focused strategies to cope with stress. I think that this is accurate because when I am stressed out, I try to take my mind off of things by doing other things that I like.

In my professional career, in order to reduce stress I could set or request realistic deadlines so that I am not worried about falling behind on my tasks or job duties. I could also limit the amount of interruptions by putting myself in an area that does not have too many people or ways to get interrupted. From this week’s learning materials, one of the biggest ways to reduce stress is to address the cause of it.

After conducting some research on the internet about stress and other health conditions of current concern to organizations, I found that mental health of employees is one of the top concerns for most organizations. Many organizations including the one I am working for are implementing wellness programs and are encouraging employees to reach out to people if they are not doing the best. Employers are also helping to cope with stress by having the workload of employees distributed equally so that no one is feeling overworked.