MGMT 453 Interview Blog

Structured interviews tend to be more reliable and valid due to the use of standardized questions and rating criteria to evaluate candidates, which helps to reduce bias and ensure that all candidates are evaluated on the same criteria. Training must be required to cover how to develop structured questions, and how to rate candidates fairly while avoiding bias. Having multiple interviewers present can also help reduce bias and improve the reliability and validity of the interview. To help candidates be at ease, interviews should be conducted in a professional setting.

Unstructured interviews are less reliable and valid, leading to more bias and inconsistency. These interviews often contain questions that are different for each candidate and rate candidates differently based on their personal preferences. Lack of training for interviewers results in a higher risk of inconsistency and bias in the interview process. Interviews that are conducted by a single interviewer are more likely to be inconsistent and biased compared to having multiple insights from multiple interviewers. Interviews that are conducted in an unprofessional setting can make candidates feel uncomfortable and potentially cause them to perform poorly.

Reliability is important, a reliable interview involves producing consistency in the process, and everyone is evaluated fairly without bias. Validity helps ensure that the interview is the best way to effectively select the best candidate for a position. Utility is the usefulness of an interview; it provides information that helps make hiring decisions.

I haven’t personally had too many interviews, my latest interview was for an internship position at Turner Construction. This interview was about half an hour long, it consisted of two interviewers, one was a project manager and the other was the HR manager. The interview felt more like a conversation, I was asked to talk about myself, and asked questions based on my resume and asked questions that were commonly asked such as what dreams I had and how the company would help me accomplish these dreams. The setting where the interview was conducted was a classroom that was quiet and had no outside distractions. This was a well-conducted interview because I felt comfortable speaking and felt that I was asked valid questions that were both consistent and unique to my resume so they could get to know me more.