Week 9 – Blog Assignment

After viewing the Life Stress Inventory test and trying to total up my score, I came to realize overall how fortunate I am at this present time to not be experiencing most of these main life stressors. Going into the other two tests, I was also able to determine that I have been able to develop a very healthy mindset for handling stress as well as falling into having both Type A and Type B tendencies. It does appear that I could use some improvement in terms of how my reaction to stress impacts others through my lack of patience and tone though.

Through my research on company trend’s on managing employee health and stress I ran into a general conscious that employer’s should promote value on the overall wellbeing of their employee. They were encouraged to do so with the usage of training programs that examine stress management through topics such as nutrition, fitness, sleep, and avoiding tobacco, drugs, and alcohol (Bravo, 2019). In personal experience, I have seen multiple companies I’ve worked for emphasis their support for mental and physical wellbeing through the implementation of fitness challenges and store discounts and kickbacks on sports attire and fitness trackers. They also ensure that their insurance policies cover counseling, and that they provide one or two extra days off to promote mental health.

Based on the results of these tests and taking some of the knowledge collected from this week’s material and research, there are certain aspects I can benefit from taking into my professional career. Being aware that I have tendencies to be more agitated and snappy when faced with stress, I can work on developing some strategies on ensuring I do not take my emotions out on my coworkers or customers. Having previous time spent working on stress management already, I know that I can continue to work on this through frequent exercise and getting plenty of sleep to better help me. I also can know that working for a company that is willing to support their employee’s wellbeing is another aspect that is becoming a common value to look for. It is nice to see that there has been a shift in the mindset of health within the workforce.




Bravo, (2019, February 5). Implementing Stress Management Programs to Empower Employees. Bravo. Retrieved on November 23, 2022. https://www.bravowell.com/resources/implementing-stress-management-programs-to-empower-employees

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