Stress week 9

The thing I found out about myself is that I do tend to focus a lot of my stress reducing activity and actions around problem solving rather than being proactive. I tend not to do things that will prevent the stress to begin with but rather only deal with the stress as it becomes apparent… Continue reading Stress week 9

Job training

A time that comes to mind in terms of a good experience with training was the training I got in my portfolio management class to learn how to properly use Bloomberg terminal or any program within the class. All the tutorials and videos for all software used within that class was extreme concise and showed… Continue reading Job training

Week 1: HR

The 3 companies that I picked from the best companies to work at in 2020 were mainly financial services institutions. The companies being Capital One, Fidelity, and Goldman Sachs. I did notice that a lot of huge name financial firms were absent from the list or much further down then I initially expected. I think… Continue reading Week 1: HR

Hello world!

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