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Blog Post #6: Stress Management for Workers – Ivan

  May 28th, 2022

After taking theĀ  Take the Life Stress Inventory, Coping and Stress Management Skills Test ,and Type A Personality Survey I learned a lot about myself. One of my biggest takeaways from these tests was that I can be impatient at times and focus on my problems when coping with stress. I can get easily overwhelmed, making me stressed and impatient. This is something that I will have to work on for future careers where I can easily become impatient. I like to get things done in a timely manner, so whenever something doesnt follow a schedule I can get a bit irritated and become impatient.

I reviewed an article that researxhed on what organizations were doing to help their employees mental health, what I most predominantly saw was that implementing an employee assistance program that provided a no-cost therapy session, and putting an emphasis on employee work flexibility. With most companies pusing to get employees back in offices, the emotional change can have detrimental impacts on employees mental health. After working virtually for so long some employees are going to need support to fully transition to their new work environment. It’s important for companies to see the importance of making sure their employees’ health is okay. Current concerns, other than emotional, that organizations are currently worried about are the work-life balance and amount of family time an employee is able to get. These two factors can influence a lot of stress behaviors that may inhibit an employee’s ability to get work done. Employees are stressed out when taking on new tasks that are cutting into their personal life. To combat this, some organizations are taking employee flexibility feedback seriously to help support employees mental health, and especially help manage their stress.


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