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Blog Assignment #4: Factors That Influence Training Effectiveness – Ivan

  May 7th, 2022

In the past, I have had several different types of training. Whether it be learned from a class, or from a position I applied for, I have had beneficial and not so beneficial experiences. Training for a position at a fulfillment warehouse was an experience that I considered beneficial. The training was one-on-one, which allowed me to fully grasp the position and ask questions where needed. The trainer was also very professional, they provided a realistic daily routine for the position and allowed me to watch them perform specific job duties. I am a visual learner, so watching someone perform the job while explaining everything they were doing was beneficial for me. Safety and technical terms related to the position were also tested regularly. This was beneficial as it allowed us to always keep in mind the safety rules needed for the job. These types of training are important for employee performance! They allowed me to succeed in the position, while also allowing me to develop into different roles and being able to relay the same type of training I had to new hires. 

These experiences are important for employee development. A bad training experience will affect employee performance, work relationships, and further development related to the position. I have had a bad training experience which was not beneficial to me. It was not interactive, hands on, not meaningful, and was not coordinated well. I was to watch a series of training videos, for hours, in which I was staring at a computer screen for the majority of a shift. I could not take the training videos seriously, they were outdated, presentation wise was not appropriate, and did not help me understand the importance of my role within the organization. It left me with many questions, with no one to answer them. The system the videos were on was very slow, whenever there was a technical difficulty, there was just myself waiting for the video to resume. I was uncomfortable to ask someone for help and I did not learn the basic aspects of my role effectively. This was not an experience I found beneficial. 

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