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Blog Post 1: Fortune Best Companies to Work For / Ivan

  April 1st, 2022

After looking at Fortune’s list of the 100 best companies to work for, from 2020, I was able to learn about great feedback employees gave to their workplace. Ensuring your employees have a great work atmosphere seemed to be very important, while many also mentioned that support from the company and its managers helped bring happiness to the team. There are many other factors that could influence a great work culture, and many of them aid in company performance! Though, there are some factors that are essential for a great workplace. 

I wanted to look more in-depth at Hilton, Delta Air Lines, Bank of America, and CarMax. I chose these four companies because of their placements on Fortune’s list, they are in different industries, and because of how prevalent they are in my life. The main similarities I noticed from each company were that the employees appreciated flexibility, support, and most importantly feeling like a family. Delta Air Lines, being the lowest placed among these 4 companies, mentioned how the company is of people of all ethnic groups and how they strive to bring people together. This was something that the other 3 companies had not mentioned and I thought it was interesting. More interestingly, what was most common was that they were proud to tell others they work for that company and be a part of great organizations! 

After reading what employees were saying about the companies I looked into, the kind of manager I want to be is someone who strives to give employees pride in their work, while also being flexible and treating the workplace like a family. I feel that providing support, as a manager, gives a sense of trust that employees appreciate. I would also want to be a manager that conducts business ethically to accomplish goals. Having a diverse group of individuals as a team would be important for me as a manager, as “there is no one type of culture that leads to happy and productive employees’ ‘ (Importance of HR Management). I want to embrace a positive work culture that consists of diverse individuals and values that shape the company. I believe that the most challenging aspects of being a manager would be dealing with conflicts related to productivity. I think it can be difficult to come up with solutions that would raise productivity, without damaging employee engagement and work relationships. 






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