Job Application Experiences

I’m from China, so I can only discuss my job search experience in China. I’ve done several job searches in Zhengzhou, China, and there seems to be a regular flow to these. The first step is to contact on the job search software, and then we will conduct simple communication, such as education background, major, personal skills, etc. This step is actually not important, so they will invite you to their company for an interview. Most companies are located in the suburbs, because the rent in the suburbs is relatively cheap, and the company chooses to work in the suburbs in order to save costs. When you finish the interview as scheduled, the recruiter will ask you to leave your resume and some documents, and then they will tell you to go back and wait for the mail.

This may seem like a normal hiring process, but it’s not a candidate-friendly process. First, the travel expenses for recruitment need to be paid by themselves, and enterprises in the suburbs mean higher commuting costs. Second, recruiters require applicants to leave relevant documents not only to study whether candidates meet the job requirements, but these documents are also the monthly task indicators of recruiters. Yes, many Chinese companies require recruiters to complete a certain number of recruitments per month, and the applicant’s documents are the recruiter’s proof of work. Therefore, the behavior of recruiters recruiting a large number of recruiters in order to meet the monthly work indicators and asking candidates to interview is derived. A large number of candidates spend time, money and effort to complete the interview, but the end result is to meet the job requirements. This is a very infuriating phenomenon, and what is even worse is that no one has stopped this phenomenon.

This poor job search gave me the idea to start my own company, and the idea became irresistible in my later experience.






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