IPIP Results & Reactions

According to my test results, my extraversion was 52, which is average. This means that I am neither subdued nor a jovial chatterbox. My highest scores in the facets were friendliness and cheerfulness, which I got a 72 and 71 respectively. My lowest score was excitement-seeking, which I got a 6 in. Agreeableness was a 71, which was a high like that indicates a strong interest in others’ needs and wellbeing. My highest scored facet was cooperation at 87 and my lowest scored facet was sympathy at 38. My score in conscientiousness was 68 which is high according to the test. This means I set clear goals and pursue them with determination. My highest scored facet was dutifulness at 95 and my lowest score was orderliness at 26. My score for neuroticism was 16 which is low, meaning that I am exceptionally calm, composed, and unflappable. My highest score was self-consciousness at 54 and my lowest was immoderation at 10. My score on openness to experience was 13 which is low. This indicates that I like to think in plain and simple terms. My highest scored facet was emotionality at 60 and my lowest was imagination at 6.

I believe what an employer might say are my strengths when looking at this is that I am someone who can be relied upon to get the job done as indicated by my high score in conscientiousness. Furthermore, I feel that an employer would get the feeling that they would not be concerned about my morals due to having a 95 for dutifulness. Another strength would be that I have a high agreeableness score which indicates that I am concerned for others and their wellbeing. I would hope that an employer would surmise that I would be a role model and be able to lead other employees assigned under me.

I believe that an employer would look at these results and see that my weaknesses as an employee may include my low score in openness to experience. An employer may take from that the belief that I would not do well in a constantly changing environment. They may see the low adventurousness score and think that I am too rigid and would not be able to keep up with changes or may succumb to the effects of constant change. An employer may also see my low score in the orderliness facet and come to the belief that I am messy and disorganized. That would be a detractor as that would affect others around me that would have to deal with my disorder and could be the cause of a delay or mistake.