What am I good at? This is a question that I have always found difficult to answer, but it is one that will greatly impact my ability to get a job, ensure my actions are in line with my goals, and push me into a mindset of continuous growth. I am good at motivating myself… Continue reading Self-Reflection

IPIP Results and Reactions

My results in this test are very interesting to me and were mostly expected; I think I know myself pretty well so I am not very surprised by the results! First, I scored average on Extraversion, showing traits of both extraversion and introversion. Specifically, I scored the highest in assertiveness and friendliness. These results resonate… Continue reading IPIP Results and Reactions

Typical vs. Maximal Performance

There are benefits to having both typical and maximal performing employees within an organization, and determining which candidate is better depends on the job and associated expectations. Typical employees can provide consistently good performance and are highly motivated. In contrast, maximal performers have high ability but lack motivation and drive to tap into that ability… Continue reading Typical vs. Maximal Performance

Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

The impression that I want to present to potential employers is that I am a people person and an effective communicator. I want my potential employer to be able to see my collaborative nature and view me as a reliable, trustworthy employee right off the bat. Effective communication is very important to me – both… Continue reading Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

Job Descriptions

The last job I had was my Executive Internship at Target last summer and over winter break. The job description for this internship is pretty well done, covering about 5 out of the 8 recommended sections as discussed in the lecture. The job description also does a good job at selling the job with convincing… Continue reading Job Descriptions

Experiences with Discrimination

If I came across a news article about a discrimination case against my favorite company, my feelings towards the company, my willingness to engage with their business, and my desires to apply for a job there would all be negatively impacted. This would not be a difficult decision for me because discrimination in the workplace… Continue reading Experiences with Discrimination

The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are clearly at the core of every company’s operations because each of these decisions impacts future productivity and company culture; thus, companies need to make sure they are properly considering the impacts of their decisions when prioritizing spending. However, there are a variety of differing views that may suggest that recruitment and… Continue reading The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Job Application Experiences

The job application and overall hiring process can tell you a lot about a company and what it is like to work there. You can get a sense for their hierarchical job structure, their delegation of tasks, and their standards for newly hired employees. In addition to these tangible insights you can gain through the… Continue reading Job Application Experiences

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