Experiences with Discrimination

If I came across a news article about a discrimination case against my favorite company, my feelings towards the company, my willingness to engage with their business, and my desires to apply for a job there would all be negatively impacted. This would not be a difficult decision for me because discrimination in the workplace… Continue reading Experiences with Discrimination

The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are clearly at the core of every company’s operations because each of these decisions impacts future productivity and company culture; thus, companies need to make sure they are properly considering the impacts of their decisions when prioritizing spending. However, there are a variety of differing views that may suggest that recruitment and… Continue reading The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Job Application Experiences

The job application and overall hiring process can tell you a lot about a company and what it is like to work there. You can get a sense for their hierarchical job structure, their delegation of tasks, and their standards for newly hired employees. In addition to these tangible insights you can gain through the… Continue reading Job Application Experiences

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