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  • Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

    By Hunter Krupka I believe that the most important lesson that I have learned in this course (as it applies to my career) is everything relating to discrimination and the various laws and regulations. Upon graduating, I will be joining a management training program with the end goal of being in charge of a small-medium […]

  • Self-Reflection

    By Hunter Krupka What Am I Good At? I believe that above all, I am good at forging and maintaining relationships. I consider myself a people person, and enjoy the company of others. I enjoy gaining new insights from the interactions that I have with these people, and I feel good when I am able […]

  • IPIP Results and Reactions

    By Hunter Krupka After completing the IPIP-NEO test, I reviewed my scores and found the following. In Extraversion, my trait levels were higher than 30 to 60 percent of people with my similar age and gender. In particular, my scores for friendliness, cheerfulness, gregariousness, and excitement seeking stood out as these were my highest categories […]

  • Typical vs Maximal Performance

    By Hunter Krupka If I were in the shoes of a business owner responsible for choosing between hiring Avery and Jaime, I would choose Jaime. While both individuals could be beneficial in numerous environments, I believe that Jaime’s ability to perform work consistently sets them apart from Avery. Avery certainly has the potential to be […]

  • Recruitment Ad

    By Hunter Krupka When considering what my brand as a potential employee is, I think of positivity, professionalism, and people oriented. These three traits in particular are likely the ones that will form a person’s first impression of myself, as I can typically do a good job naturally portraying them in any social setting, even […]

  • Job Descriptions

    One of the last jobs that I had was for Jerry’s Home Improvement. The specific department that I was interested in was the lumber yard, as it boasted a higher starting wage than any of the other departments that I was qualified to apply for. The job description itself had nothing to do with me […]

  • Experiences With Discrimination

    By Hunter Krupka I like to believe that I am an ethical person. Whenever I make decisions, I always consider how they may affect not only myself, but others as well. On top of this, I do my best to surround myself with people who also adhere to this way of thinking, and aways do […]

  • The Case For Recruitment and Selection

    By Hunter Krupka A company that chooses to allocate a large portion of their resources into hiring the best employees can increase their odds of doing just that, but this strategy also brings with it many issues. One of the biggest problems with this strategy is that there is no guarantee that it will actually […]

  • Job Application Experience

    By Hunter Krupka My most recent application that I did was for Consolidated Electrical Distributors. I first came into contact with this company during one of the College of Business Career Fairs, and was impressed with their internship opportunities. Interestingly, rather than having me fill out any form of formal application, the recruiter simply scheduled […]

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