Gender Discrimination

After reading an excerpt from a study that came to the conclusion that gender accounts for less than 1% of the gender bias we see in different types of employment hiring practices, from nursing, schooling, and construction, and that a person’s own qualifications are 40x more likely to explain the variance between genders, I would… Continue reading Gender Discrimination

Tarnished Reputation

If one of my favorite companies was accused of discrimination, it would change my opinions of that company. What would matter the most to me regarding these types of accusations would be the context of the situation, and the validity of the claims. The context is important to understand, because lets for example the company… Continue reading Tarnished Reputation

#2 The Case Against Recruitment and Selection

Why might organizations decide to allocate more resources toward marketing or product design rather than using those same resources to do a really good job in employee recruitment and selection? There are several different reasons why a company would seek to invest the majority of their capital elsewhere besides in Human Resources. For example, if… Continue reading #2 The Case Against Recruitment and Selection

Job Application Process

Describe your experiences from the perspective of an applicant for the last job for which you applied. The process of applying for my most recent job was somewhat arduous. I started by looking through job postings on indeed filtering the results by the type of job I was looking for, the required years of experience,… Continue reading Job Application Process

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