Managing Employee Stress

How Do I Cope With Stress?

When I took the Coping & Stress Management Skills Test at Psychology today, I received a score of 87. My snapshot report stated that I use problem-focused coping. These methods are most effective for situations where I have the ability to change the stressor. This method may be less effective when the stressor is something that I have no control over. In the instance where the stressor cannot be eliminated, another coping mechanism must be learned.

Organizational Strategies for Managing Stress

Coping with work related stress can be addressed by organizational strategies. Managers and HR have more influence over the work environment then employees do.

Firstly, the duty falls on managers to choose a good fit for a position based on ability, experience, and training for a specific job. Much undue stress can be eliminated up front if the right candidate is selected for the position.

Secondly, stress can be reduced through proper skills training and clarification of job duties. If everyone is equipped with the proper tools to complete their daily tasks, unnecessary stress can be avoided altogether.

Thirdly, company-sponsored counseling programs can include training modules on how to cope with stress that cannot be eliminated from daily requirements.

Lastly, increasing employee participation and personal control in decisions affecting employees work can help to reduce workplace stress. Participation and job involvement both have been shown to reduce stress. This can be challenging for some managers to allow their employers to help in decision-making processes.

Although sometimes workplace stress is unavoidable, there are ways that the organization can address and minimize this stress.


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