Employee Compensation

My career before pursuing my bachelor’s degree at OSU was steel fabrication and welding. I was reasonably happy with my job for several years. However, the longer I was employed at the fab shop where I worked, the more that I noticed wage increases were fairly uncommon. While I may not have been at the top tier of my trade, I felt that I had earned more of an incremental pay increase than I had received. The more that I spoke to other employees, it became apparent this was a company-wide practice. Although I felt a bit better knowing I wasn’t being singled out for the lack of pay increase, I was still unhappy about it. I began to feel like the company did not value my skill or hard work. I also developed a mindset that the company did not care about their employees well-being or success due to lack of recognition. The longer that this continued, the more discontent I became with my profession. I also lost motivation to perform like I had previously. I think it is safe to say my performance and effort were on the decline. I also noticed that much of the workforce at this establishment had the same mindset. One 18 degree winter day I was melting ice off of a stainless steel plate, I had a realization. I could go to school and get a new profession. A profession where I could feel appreciated and compensated for my work. That is the moment I decided to pursue my degree in construction engineering management.

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