Effective Trainings

Wildland Firefighting

One of the more memorable trainings I participated in was while working for Miller Timber. I was doing an annual training update for wilderness safety as a wildland firefighter. During this particular exercise, we were doing a simulation of a wilderness medical emergency. We each had a part to play, and carried our victim down the mountain on a stretcher. We also radioed back to base for a helicopter extraction. Part of what made this training so effective were the multiple principles of creating a learning environment that were involved. The relevance of the training was quite clear, and the content was incredibly important and meaningful. There was also direct feedback as we went through the drill. The other aspect of this training method which worked so well for me is the hands-on approach. I find I am much more likely to be engaged when I am participating in the activity, versus being told how to do an activity. I also find that I retain this information much better than other methods.

Bluebeam Training

Another training I recently participated in was a training on using Bluebeam to create reports and extract pages from drawings. I struggled following along with this training as I didn’t have the current version of Bluebeam on my computer, and therefore was unable to follow along with the training. At that point, the training was not meaningful to me and I was not able to maximize the transfer if information taught to actual on-the-job use. This training method was done in a presentation format over Zoom. I struggled to take anything away from the presentation because I did not have the opportunity to use the software and participate hands-on. For my specific learning, I know that hands-on training works best for me. I also think that in-person training where I understand the relevance of the training makes a big difference for me.


Swift, Michele 2021 Week 6 Lectures

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