The Job Description Dilemma

Why Create Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are crucial for both employers and jobseekers. For an employer to properly define positions, they must first develop a list of tasks that make up a particular job (Swift 2021).  This list of tasks will help with the recruitment process of workers with the right skills for the job.  Up to date job descriptions can be used for recruiting, performance management, and compensation. Yet not may human resources managers have a set protocol in place for keeping these job descriptions current (Tyler, 2013).

Job Seeker Challenges

As a jobseeker it has been challenging to know if I qualify for a position in the absence of any job description. I have also come across outdated job descriptions that no longer reflect modern-day situations. These incomplete job descriptions leave a lot of unanswered questions. This can also lead to hesitation to apply for that specific job opening. I don’t want to invest time in a future job if the employer doesn’t value my time enough to clearly communicate the tasks which they need completed.

Keeping Descriptions Current

I think a good solution for ensuring these job descriptions are current and accurate, each company should implement an annual review of all positions within the company. As mentioned in A Job Worth Doing, keeping a catalogue of job descriptions would be best practice. I would create a digital copy of this catalogue on a shared company drive for all hiring managers to access and update as job duties change. These job description updates can also be done to capture the goals and values of the company (Swift 2021).

The additional time invested in updating job descriptions company-wide will benefit both the employer and the employee. The company will clearly define what work needs to be done, and what types of skills these workers must possess. The employee will benefit by understanding whether they have the skills to complete daily tasks and be successful at their job.


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