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According to greatplacetowork.com, 88% of REI employees rate REI as a great place to work. The core values of the company seem to be one of the highlights many of the employee’s report. These comments include family, culture, community, values, and team. This demonstrates that REI’s strategic planning process is affective. It shows that their mission statement and values as a company align with meeting the goals of their employees. This can further lead to accomplishing their mission statement of great customer service. When the employees are engaged and satisfied with their work environment, employee performance increases.

The Hilton was rated #1 best company to work for in 2020, according to the Great Place to Work survey. Employee’s report feeling that the company genuinely cares about them and treats them as family. Employees also report amazing opportunities and growth available while working for Hilton. This opportunity to grow and maximize their potential can explain employee retention and wellbeing. As a manager, I think it would be important to recognize each employee individual talents and putting opportunities in front of them for growth and advancement.

Cisco, and information technology company based out of San Jose, California ranks #4 on the Great Place to Work 2020 list. During the pandemic, Cisco was able to avoid laying off any of their employees. 98% of employees say they are proud to work for Cisco. Passion and compassion are part of their core values, which has had a positive impact on employee retention and engagement. The company cares about the health and well-being of the surrounding communities, as well as social justice issues. This aligns with the HR functional areas of managing diversity and employee health and wellness. As a manager I think it would be a challenge to navigate employee layoffs during covid-19. Companies like Cisco have proven that it is not an impossible feat.

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