Pros and Cons of Labor Unions

What are the benefits and risks of labor unions? When someone is part of a union they have protections in place which keep them from being fired without cause. In the event of termination, there is an arbitration process which must be followed. This is added security for workers being terminated unjustly. Unions also promote… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Labor Unions

Managing Employee Stress

How Do I Cope With Stress? When I took the Coping & Stress Management Skills Test at Psychology today, I received a score of 87. My snapshot report stated that I use problem-focused coping. These methods are most effective for situations where I have the ability to change the stressor. This method may be less… Continue reading Managing Employee Stress

Employee Compensation

My career before pursuing my bachelor’s degree at OSU was steel fabrication and welding. I was reasonably happy with my job for several years. However, the longer I was employed at the fab shop where I worked, the more that I noticed wage increases were fairly uncommon. While I may not have been at the… Continue reading Employee Compensation

Effective Trainings

Wildland Firefighting One of the more memorable trainings I participated in was while working for Miller Timber. I was doing an annual training update for wilderness safety as a wildland firefighter. During this particular exercise, we were doing a simulation of a wilderness medical emergency. We each had a part to play, and carried our… Continue reading Effective Trainings

Implicit Bias

Implicit Attitude Test During the implicit attitude test I had to answer questions about how I identify or associate myself. Then it asked questions about what I identify as male or female. In the end of the test, it turns out that I identify as a female more than a male. This test showed that… Continue reading Implicit Bias

The Job Description Dilemma

Why Create Job Descriptions Job descriptions are crucial for both employers and jobseekers. For an employer to properly define positions, they must first develop a list of tasks that make up a particular job (Swift 2021).  This list of tasks will help with the recruitment process of workers with the right skills for the job.… Continue reading The Job Description Dilemma

Hello world!

According to, 88% of REI employees rate REI as a great place to work. The core values of the company seem to be one of the highlights many of the employee’s report. These comments include family, culture, community, values, and team. This demonstrates that REI’s strategic planning process is affective. It shows that their… Continue reading Hello world!