CHAP stands for the Community Horticulture Advisory Panel. This panel consists of five people: the statewide MG Program Coordinator, two county- or region-based MG Coordinators, and two MG volunteers.

This year’s CHAP membership consists of:

  • Gail Langellotto (Statewide MG Program Coordinator)
  • Michelle Sager (Wasco County MG Program Coordinator)
  • Jeff Choate (Lane County MG Coordinator)
  • Marcia McIntyre (Multnomah County MG Volunteer)
  • Diana Hardin (Central Oregon MG Volunteer)

This year’s CHAP project is: ‘Re-Envisioning MG Training‘.

How can we re-envision Master Gardener training to make annual trainings a) more broadly accessible, b) more active and interactive, and c) more fun?

Some ideas we discussed included:

  • Developing a tool-kit of hands-on training activities for basic MG training
  • Considering flipped classrooms or hybrid training models that could be adapted and adopted by counties
  • Reducing, or putting a max limit on the volunteer service hour requirement for trainees.  Currently, the minimum is 40 hours (trainees).  We won’t reduce below 40 hours, but some counties have expectations of 60-70+ hours of volunteer service in the first training year.  Might this limit accessibility for all but folks with a lot of extra time?
  • Incorporating field trips into training sessions and increasing educational training field trips in non-winter months
  • Reducing time spent in the classroom, and developing syllabi that include less classroom time / more hands-on time.

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