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  • using OOP outside the classroom

    The other class I’m enrolled in this term, alongside Capstone, is Programming Language Fundamentals. We’ve been learning about a mix of programming history, language design, syntax/grammar rules, and various programming paradigms. One of the most well-known paradigms among these is Object-Oriented Programming. The concepts that make OOP stand out among the pack are its use […]

  • learning modern javascript development: async/await, EJS, ESLint, and Prettier

    When I took the Web Development course during the OSU post-bacc Computer Science program I learned Node.js with Express and the rendering template Handlebars. Promises were briefly touched on and async/await was not even mentioned in the course. Since that time, I’ve heard that the course has undergone a redesign which teaches students React. I […]

  • writing clean code as a cloud performance engineering intern

    This Summer/Fall I’ve been interning at a company called Ampere working on Cloud Performance and Automation. The main tool I’ve been developing is an internal fork of an open-source Python framework, originally developed by Google, that will help our performance engineers perform cross-cloud/platform agnostic benchmarks to validate Ampere’s CPU offerings in the cloud. The tool […]

  • piano to python

    Where to begin! I was 6 years old when I started learning the piano. Over two decades later I’ve continued to play almost every day, earned a degree in music, and taught the joys of piano and music theory to others for 5 years. the early years But something else happened a few years later […]