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  • Blog 3 Entry

    Here are some topics that you could talk about: Typescript is really climbing the ranks. I enjoy it more than javascript, c, and java. Though I will say that my python skills are getting better and I have been enjoying using python too. Some new technologies I am wanting to learn this year is getting […]

  • Blog 2

    Favorite technologies: My favorite technologies to use are React and Express since those are the things I have the most experience in. I really enjoy working with back end routing and attaching SQL statements to it. Making functions using promises and tieing different routes together, My Project: We are working on a job tracker and […]

  • Srikanth’s Blob Entry 1

    Hello everyone. Welcome to my journey thus far. Will update more but will first learn how to use wordpress. About Me: healthcare background and turning into tech. Doing a co-op currently and enjoying developing features with my team. Looking for a full time role in the coming months. Spending my free time working on learning […]

  • Hello world!

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