5 ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

By Erin Aldridge

Every day technology and social media becomes more and more a part of our world and companies need to learn to adapt to the changes. Websites are vital to engage with your customers and convey information that is useful to making a sale. Thus, companies need to make sure their first impressions align with their own motives as well as the customers expectations

This post details 5 ways to increase landing page conversion. For those of you who don’t know, companies landing page is the first page that a visitor sees when they enter your site (Larson). Landing pages can be reached as simply as a google search, link, or even an ad space that the company has purchased. A conversion is the action that you want your customer to take on your website. This changes depending on the type of company; A company selling products would create a conversion from having a customer buy a product or even sign up for an email list whereas a service provider such as an electrician would get a conversion by having a customer call their number or leave a service request. Businesses want to increase their conversions to increase customer retention and revenues. 

So let’s jump into it. 

The 5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

1. Match the Ad with the Landing Page

Simple as that. If the Ad is for a single product, when you click on it, it should lead you directly to that product (Larson). The aesthetics, colors, and information should all match so that the customer can clearly see that they made it to the page they clicked on.


2. Make Your Call-To-Action the main focus

All elements on your page should be pointing to what you want the visitor to do on your website (Ash). You only have a brief moment to make a powerful impact on your visitor so it needs to be clear and concise. Using the same example from above, your call-to-action could be anything from adding a product to your cart to having someone fill out a service request. 

In this photograph, the company Glossier utilized a contrasting colors to draw attention to the “Add to Bag” button, their call to action

3. Consider the human AND the search engine

Business’s are made to adhere to human needs, so your landing page should do the same (Kolowich). Make it simple to use, clear, and informational. Your visitor needs to be able to easily maneuver and use your website and find the information they need immediately. Nonetheless, search engines also need to be able to take information from your landing page and present it to customers on their search engines to find.

4. Test it!

A/B testing is a huge help for getting clear data on whether a page affects conversions. It works like this: you create two different versions of a landing page and a search engine will disburse them to different people. From here, the company can collect data to see which landing page had a higher conversion. That’s the landing page you should use! A/B testing is not something you do once, but continually alter (Ash).

5. Add some content!

No one wants to read a huge paragraph of information when they get to your website, so utilize pictures, videos, and other content to make it more simple and exciting for visitors. Pictures of your product or service is important for your customer to see what you’re selling, where as videos and testimonials are a great way to persuade customers and give them more information. People are impatient, so get to the point!

So there you go! These 5 simple ways to tweak your landing page can greatly increase your conversions if done correctly. The big ideas here are to make sure it connects to what the customer searched or is looking for, and make sure the information you are giving them is simple and to the point. I hope this helped all of you new marketing professionals understand more about landing pages and their importance.

See you next week for a new blog post!

Some of this information was drawn from other sources that you can check out!

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