Pups and Plants

Sadie’s last camping trip was in Hell’s Canyon. This is her after a steep hike, surrounded by lupine and balsamroot.

This past week I was suppose to work on data entry in La Grande, and then join Scott on the Zumwalt for two days of field work. I was excited to get back out to the prairie as I had thought the previous week would be my last visit. However, things took an unexcepted turn in my personal life as my boyfriend and I had to put our beloved senior lab, Sadie, to sleep. She was an exceptional companion and losing her the way we did was rather traumatic. So, long story short, I didn’t get much work done this week and I had to bail on Scott the morning we were suppose to be leaving. Dr. DeBano and Scott were not only exceptionally kind and understanding, but have given me the time and space to start healing.

I’m going to post a few plant identification photos (and a few insects). I’ll be back on the prairie with Scott on Monday and Tuesday, and will then spend the rest of the week pinning bees or working on data entry.

Scientific name: Grindelia nana, Family: Asteraceae, Common name: Idaho gumweed
Scientific name: Silene spaldingii, Family: Caryophyllaceae, common name: Spalding’s catchfly (rare plant!!)
Scientific name: Epilobium brachycarpum, Family: Onagraceae, common name: willowherb
Scientific name: Gentiana affinis, Family: Gentianaceae, common name: gentian
Butterfly at Starkey.
Bees sharing thistle.
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