Concrete Placement: 9/24-9/28 Updates

Concrete for the large clinic will be installed at 4:30 AM this week so to not interfere with the small animal clinic hours. In addition, the acid sampling vault will be moved and the communication vault will be configured. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation underground will begin.

The excavation for the lecture hall footings will continue.

August 6 – August 13 Construction Activities

Tree Removal will continue to take place over the next week, the main areas of tree removal will be located on the future sites for the clinic and lecture hall. This will be near the main entrance to the animal hospital and the grass lot just north of the Magruder B2 parking lot. Steps have been taken to protect pedestrians at both locations.

Also expect to see the beginning of excavation just north of the Magruder B2 parking lot once tree removal is complete, expect normal construction noise.

Electrical work will also be taking place throughout the site and inside the existing Magruder building. This includes the relocation of existing light poles and electrical work inside Magruder. Also expect a notification for an electrical shut down for a tie in.

The areas of work for this week can be seen on the site plan