Starting to look like a building, Weekly Update 2/11-2/15

If you have been by Magruder Hall, you’ve seen the major changes taking place with the new expansion. Over the upcoming weeks, this expansion will start taking shape as actually buildings and becoming an integrated foundation to Magruder Hall and the Veterinary College Community.

In the terms of major milestones, the roofing for the clinic will start today, Monday the 11th.  The installation of the exterior stub walls will also start this morning. Then, the clinic will also continue the interior framing from last week, which will also continue over to next week. HVAC will also start on the first floor of the clinic with the installation of the supply and return ductwork.

There will be fewer activities taking place in the lecture hall with only the continuation of the framing installation on the schedule.

LINAC will see a multitude of activities with continuing the plumbing and electrical slab rough ins from last week. Starting mid week will be the preparation under the slab overhang and rounding out the week with setting the slab edge form to prepare for the slab pour early next week.

Make sure to check out the photos for a SNEAK PEEK at the interior of the clinic and LINAC addition!

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