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  • Week 10 Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

    I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far is the staffing process, and much more surrounding that. It was one of the first things we learned, and yet still one of the most impactful. Something I found surprising was how extensive it really goes. The full amount of responsibilities and duties included in […]

  • Week 9 Negotiation Research

    Business Analyst, Remote 50-100k Bachelors degree and 2 years experience Advanced excel skills Ability to communicate Tons of similar opportunities. Something I can do over the next year is get an internship, and CRM experience. As of tomorrow I am interviewing for an internship in the management field though. This could still work, as it […]

  • Week 9 Self Reflection

    1. What am I good at? I’ve found that I’m very good at communication. Reaching out to people and getting to know them has become a passion for mine. This also extends around the world, and I find it easy to connect even if there is a language barrier. As long as there’s a willingness […]

  • Typical vs Maximal Performance

    This week, we are asked to discuss our decision chosen in a scenario provided in class. The choice is between to potential employees, Avery and Jaime. Firstly, I think it’s important to consider the job position as well as the number of employees you have at the company. For example, if this is a target […]

  • Week 4 Recruitment Ad

    The first step is to examine myself, and decide how I want to present myself to prospective employers. The first impression I believe I make on people is someone who is confident, and not afraid to put themselves in uncomfortable situations. One of my passions is travel, and this usually comes up when people ask […]

  • Week 3 Job Descriptions

    It’s not the last job I had, but the only one where the job description influenced my choice to apply for this job. It was an usher at a movie theater, essentially a janitor. Seeing the description of this job compared to the other positions at the theater like box office or concessions, I believed […]

  • Experiences With Discrimination

    This week, we were asked a series of hypothetical questions regarding discrimination in the workplace and how we would react in this scenario. Would the outstanding claims of discrimination change the way you felt about the company? Most definitely. Humans are very reactive, especially when it feels like they’re coming under criticism. Issues of discrimination […]

  • Case for Recruitment & Selection

    Often times, companies spend wild amounts of their resources on marketing and product design. These are fantastic areas to invest in for sure. Super bowl ads go for millions upon millions, just for a short time slot for a ridiculous amount of people to see. This provides exposure to your brand. Research and development is […]

  • MGMT 448 Job Application Experiences

    The process of applying to a job from start to finish can already impact your view of how the job is going to be. Recently, I’ve been perusing through many different job listings on LinkedIn. Some are incredibly professional, with a sleek design on their website for applications while others are super barebones, almost google […]

  • Hello world!

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