Effective and ineffective Interview experiences

Desk Macbook” by Shotstash.com/ CC0 1.0

The latest interview that I did was actually a few weeks ago. I applied for a state job as a transportation maintenance manager for the Department of Transportation. It was a recorded interview that gave me questions that I needed to answer in the allotted times. I had three chances to record an answer and it was roughly five questions. The process felt like it cost the state money to complete the process as it was conducted on a website that was designed for the purpose of interviewing people so there are costs to design, create, and maintain a website that had the features required to record interviews.

I could see it as reliable as it was probably the same for each applicant, but I do not know for sure as we interviewed separately and remotely. Content validity I am unsure about as I do not know who reviews the interview recording but I assume that a job analysis was used to come up with the questions. The selection utility felt like it cost the state more money versus time as they paid a third-party recruitment firm to find their ideal candidates. What I felt was effective was the structure of the interview. It felt streamlined and was tailored to waste as minimal amount of man hours as possible for the interview process. I did not interact with an actual person through the whole process so that was not time out of someone’s day attempting to coordinate or communicate with me. The ineffective part and what I would advise them to change is to have more of a human element to the process. It felt too impersonal, and I feel that they cannot get a genuine feel for a person based on recordings where you get to rerecord segments.

Got any book recommendations?