Luis’s Blog 3 – AI coder project

For Blog Post #3, please blog about your project and answer 2-3 of the following:

-How is the journey so far?

-What communication tools is your team using, and how well is this going?
A: So far we have been using discord for day to day communication and we use notion our research documentation and comparisons, along with google docs for progress reports.

-What Project Management tools is your team using, and how well is that going?
A: We are managing high level tasks using Notion. This tool allows us to have continous comments and easy management. So far it’s been a great tool.

-How often does your team commit their code? Is code integrating easily?
We try to commit our code about every 2 days and try to keep the communication open so that things don’t stack up as much.

-How about pull-requests or code reviews? Is this too much overhead or is it useful to your team?
A: Code reviews are little slower for me because I tend to take longer understanding / reviewing somebody elses code, but it has been another good learning experience.

-What about your build/debug/deployment? Is this going well, or are you spending a lot of time debugging?
A: Given that our project is AI-coder and its focus is to use AI-tools as much as possible, this has been a real challenge for me for getting front end code to work properly in our web application. AI tools have been fairly innacurate so far.

-How well is your team following your original Team Standards?
A: Everybody in the team has been very active in our discussions and feedback and nobody as fallen behind (“yet”). The team has good spirits and continue to collaborate effectively.

-Do you personally feel your part of the project will succeed? If not, what do you plan to do to get back on track?
A: Yes, I think the team is doing a good job keeping track of our tasks and working to complete them. It has been challenging working front end development using AI tools but I am also learning a lot about its limitations.

-Do you feel your project is on-track to succeed? If not, what do you plan to do to help the team get back on track?
A: I feel we will succeed given that everybody is working really hard, but I will make sure I contribute to our success by completing my tasks and supporting others where needed. I will also try to provide more feedback in our assignments.

-What one thing would really help your team succeed?
A: This one is a tough one, but for me its been a long time since I took my web programming class so I need to get a refresher on how to integrate the front end and the database that can hold information about the users and interfaces.