A poem on shared repositories

A common, shared location is crucial for all groups
But to set up such a system, one must jump through the hoops.
Version control software is where the team shall go
For folders, tests and data, and general code workflow.

It can be very simple, it can be very clean
It can be a huge asset to share amongst the team.
But here is where it may begin to go astray,
When communication breakdowns will come into play.

A test suite may make sense unto the test suite writer,
But the other teammates may want to burn it with a lighter.
When the instructions for the setup live in only one mind,
A project can quite quickly begin to fall behind.

The CI plan must be developed by all members
Or else the codebase will sink deep into the embers.
Creating settings that prohibit pushing straight to main
Will ultimately save the whole team from some pain.

This may seem dramatic, but it will not be so
For the team that carefully builds their repo.
So go forth and code and talk with your peers
Early collaboration will spare you many tears.