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  • Blog 3 – CS467 – Fall 2023

    My biggest success during the course is the process of which I learned a new front end framework and utilized it for the entirety of my capstone project. Specifically, I began with almost no experience with full stack development and absolutely no experience with the Kivy Python framework that my group and I are using […]

  • Blog 2 – CS467 – Fall 2023

    My favorite technology from my group project “Dating App for Animal Adoption” is the Python Kivy framework we are using because it is a very lightweight framework that is easy to learn and use. Specifically, the entire stack for the full stack application we are currently working on are all revolve around the following 3 […]

  • Hello CS467!

    Hello there, My name is Shukie (Yuk Shu). I have 6 months of past experience as a software developer before focusing full time on pursuing this program.  I am currently taking CS467, CS362, and CS464 for the Fall 2023 term.  Some of my most familiar software languages are Python, Java, Javascript, MySQL, and C and […]

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