Analyzing Ascorbic Acid: More Questions About Vitamin C

Vitamin C tablets


Do you have questions about vitamin C for our expert Dr. Alexander Michels? See our first vitamin C FAQ, look below, or ask us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Questions about Vitamin C


Orange - a source of vitamin CHave questions about vitamin C? As part of the webinar by our resident expert on vitamin C, Alexander Michels, PhD, answered questions submitted online.

If you have more questions you would like answered, see part 2 of this FAQ or feel free to ask!

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What is a Micronutrient?

micronutrientThe Linus Pauling Institute likes to use the word micronutrient. This is not only because many world-renown authorities on micronutrients work at the LPI, but also because we maintain a database of scientifically accurate information regarding the roles of micronutrients in human health and disease, the Micronutrient Information Center (MIC).

Exactly what is a ‘micronutrient,’ anyway?

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