The Linn County Master Gardener Association (LCMGA) is part of the Oregon Master Gardener Association, a state wide non-profit organization. Anyone who has completed the Master Gardener training program and who wishes to join is encouraged to participate. Click here for the LCMGA website.

The LCMGA plans and coordinates many of the amazing gardening classes and events for the Linn County Master Gardener program.

LCMGA Board meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month @ 1pm at the Linn County Extension Office. All MGs are encouraged to attend. LCMGA Board Meeting Minutes

Membership meetings are held every month and usually feature a speaker on a gardening topic. During the summer, fun and educational field trips to nearby sites around the Willamette Valley are scheduled in lieu of a meeting.

The purpose of the Association is to:

  • Enhance and supplement the Oregon State University Home Horticulture Program (Master Gardener Program);
  • Educate Chapter Members and our local community about plant selection, culture and care;
  • Maintain and continue to build an active Linn County Master Gardener program; and
  • Encourage continuing education and recertification of Master Gardeners.

NEW! 2018 Linn Co. MG Project List/Calendar


Form: LCMGA Reimbursement (updated form will be posted soon)

Form: Annual Review of Current MG Projects/Events

Form: MG Membership Dues (updated form will be posted soon)

LCMGA Grant Application

LCMGA By-laws, policies, etc.

REVISED LCMGA By-laws (updated Oct 2016)

REVISED LCMGA Policies and Procedures (2016)

LCMGA Lifetime Membership Policy

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