Persona Who? Persona You!

Personas help companies get a good idea of the target consumer, like who you are what you are searching for. It gives companies them the key ideals of what you like and how to draw you in to purchasing their product over a competitors. The more information collected, the better in creating a better relationship with the consumer. Companies often create a persona of who they believe their goal target market consumer would be and create a personality and lifestyle for this person to relate back to their consumers. This way companies know how to appropriately target this consumer.

When speaking on email marketing and target the goal consumer, you have to think, “How many other marketing emails is this consumer receiving and how can I be the one that is opened and not deleted?”. This can be a difficult task, if you’re target consumer is in the  Millennial or Gen Z category. Creating an eye catching subject line is the first and foremost task in email campaign creation.

Referring to Faye Nipigkit’s article, 8 Design Tips for Sending Effective Eye-Catching Emails, I found that 80% of email receivers delete an email if it doesn’t look good or read well on their mobile device. Making mobility a priority is very important for any company wanting success in their online sales or communication. Making sure it reads well on multiple devices is important too, from computer to tablets, to phones, every format is critical!  

Another helpful tip I found online was to treat the consumers inbox as if it were you own. Nobody wants to be jammed with pointless emails, those all end up going into the trash anyway. Tailoring offers to a specific audience is your best bet when wanting to increase open and potentially conversion rate! Creating a reliable relationship with the consumer is the main goal and you want them to trust you so when they see your name pop up, the open up that email.

From my own personal advice, I always view this interaction like inviting someone over to your home. You reach out to them, asking if they would like to visit-if they accept and come inside, you offer them a glass of water or ask they need anything. So when sending emails make sure you are offering your consumer something, making it worth their while to come and visit. You want to leave them happier and more content than they were before. Further more strengthening the relationship between consumer and company.

My personal persona– Lululemon

The persona I chose for this weeks assignment was one based upon Lululemon. The background of this consumer is a Caucasian female in her mid twenties. She has completed her undergraduate degree and is working the corporate world. She is currently single and is located in this United States. She loves all things active and healthy, places like the gym, the outdoors, whole food, and trader joes are in the regular routine of visits. Living a healthy life style is one of the most important things with both mind and body. She needs versatile clothing that is able to go from one occasion to the next, which Lululemon is able to provide. She follows style trends from Instagram influencer and bloggers and listens to their recommendations about what is best form each line.

Creating a target consumer is ideal for any company because it helps creators and marketers an idea of who they are trying appeal and please. This can be difficult because with large companies that are selling clothes in both men’s and women’s of all different body types it can be difficult to target. However, finding a medium of their largest consumer is best to target and making sure they are inclusive of others is the best course of action.

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