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Opening position – Elsevier negotiation

With librarians from the University of Oregon and Portland State, we met with representatives from Elsevier on Wednesday, May 18. This meeting focused on introductions and logistics. We also shared opening positions and contextual information.

OSU/UO/PSU Opening Position:

  • Remove content fee entirely from the [3] contracts.
  • Reduce our Cell Press spend by 75%.
  • Reduce each institution’s spend by 50% without changing current read and/or subscription access.
  • Keep inflation rate between -2.5% and 2%.
  • Replace language in section 7.8 of the current contract to say: The parties agree as of now that this Agreement and its terms may be made publicly available on the Customer’s website, Open APC, and in the ESAC Registry no earlier than 30 days after the Customer and the Publisher have signed the agreement.”
  • Provide written notice to our institutions if Elsevier wants to sell or give our [user] data to a 3rd party or another RELX entity, if they are compelled to give our data; or if they have a data breach.
  • Remove the geographic restriction for Inter-library Loan.
  • Move institutional authored or co-authored articles and book chapters from pay-wall to open access on an annual basis, releasing 5 additional years for each year of our contract.
  • Work with each institution to redefine authorized users (Note – this is asking for a change in the labels used for authorized users to match local terms).